About Helen


Helen Sobiralski

lives in Berlin and works as a freelance photographer primarily on portraits, fashion and fine art projects.

Helen likes telling a story in her images and draws her inspiration upon many different influences like mythology, literature, films, painting, sculpture and not rarely her own dreams. She enjoys working on location with natural light, but also likes creating stories in the studio, as long as props, sets or an original idea will allow her to create something out of the ordinary. 

Helen started using the camera in her mid teens, fascinated by the medium’s capacity to open doors to other worlds, yet remaining grounded in the present. After a classic apprenticeship as a portrait photographer, she received her communication design diploma from the university of applied sciences and arts in Dortmund - Germany, with first class honours in 2012. 


2012  Reinhart-Wolf-Award, winner

2012  BFF Sponsorship Award, winner

2012  FH Dortmund Sponsorship Award, winner

2012  Katapult, 2nd place

2012  Katapult B-sight award, winner

Group shows / Exhibitions

2018 - Spirit of Nature // Raum25, Freiburg

2014 - Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery // 

Marco, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey, Mexico

2014 - Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery // Berlin

2013 - BFF // Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart

2012 - Atlantic Kempinski Hotel // Hamburg

2012 - Art Fabrik // Wuppertal

2012 - Katapult // Frankfurt

2012 - Schauraum // FH Dortmund